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Ongoing Management and Revenue Generation

Ideally, FoSSC would like to see any tables to be made available for community use free of charge, with possibly a small charge and deposit levied for bat and ball hire (or players free to bring their own equipment). Given that the tables are likely to prove popular, some kind of booking system may be required and this clearly has a resource implication for Active Nation. FoSSC therefore acknowledges that the management of the facility and any charging regime would be matters for Active Nation to decide. Their letter of support (Appendix 1) confirms that they agree to this suggestion.

The tables selected have a 10 year warranty on the playing surface so are durable and will require minimal maintenance; an occasional clean and drying with a squeegee after rain.

The concrete pad would be laid flush with the surrounding grass to facilitate grass mowing and as dyed throughout will be virtually maintenance free saving maybe a 6 monthly removal of any encroaching grass and soil.

Relation to Active Nation’s vision and to the Sports Centre Improvement Plan

We believe that any new facility which encourages those who currently undertake little or no physical activity to become active, at whatever level, and for whatever duration can only be a good and positive thing. It therefore fits perfectly with Active Nation’s core philosophies of getting the Nation active and of re-engaging people with physical activity.

We appreciate that Council has previously been reluctant to let FoSSC apply for / suggest schemes and facilities that could be seen to risk larger, future funding bids related to the anticipated Sports Centre Improvement Plan. Given the sums of money concerned in this bid, and the funding source (Council), we cannot see any way in which the current proposal poses any risk, what so ever, to any other future bid. Moreover, the proposed location is not a location identified for any of the ideas within the draft user "hit list" of ideas currently being collated for Council by Strategic Leisure.

Funding Bid Document prepared by:

Dave Johnston,


The Friends of Southampton Sports Centre,

on behalf of the FoSSC Steering Committee, June 2015.