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Potential Locations

With all these requirements in mind, two possible locations for the tables were initially identified:

(1) immediately south of the crazy golf

(2) on the corner between the paths leading to “The View” and Dunkirk Road.

Either location would provide plenty of space for two 8 m by 4 m playing surfaces plus circulation. Both of these sites have easy, level access from Dunkirk road car park for wheelchair users. Both comprise plain, regularly mowed grassland and so no negative ecological impacts are anticipated.

Active Nation's preference is for the former of these sites as it places all the racquet sports in the same area. The grass in this area has a slight gradient and this needs to be factored into the construction of the slabs (which need to be level) through the re-profiling of the surrounding grass in order to create flush surfaces and minimise off-surface gradients on the surrounding grass.

Investigations are in hand to determine whether planning consent would be needed for the project through the submission of a formal pre-application advice request. Planning permission would add to the cost of, and potentially delay the start of, the project.

Existing Facilities

We are not aware of any other publicly-available outdoor static table tennis tables within the City. This project therefore also provides an opportunity to monitor and assess the value of this type of informal facility with a view to future installation in other public locations across the city. In other Cities they are not confined to park and recreation ground settings but also integrated into the urban landscape by being located in city squares and precincts. For example, in Bristol there are tables in the pedestrian precincts outside the Planning Inspectorate building in Temple Quay.