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Sports Centre Improvement Plan

Update - August 2014

Due to Council cutbacks and staff changes, the Council’s Project Officer who was working on the Improvement Plan has been redeployed to run the Libraries regeneration project. We have been told that Council remains committed to finishing the Improvement Plan but that it currently does not have the resources to “prioritise” working on it. Therefore work to formalise the list of major projects at the Sports Centre and to initiate the search for funding is currently stalled.

The draft Facilities Assessment underwent major revision at Sport England’s request. However, they were still not happy with the assessment of outdoor facilities and have requested that Council start again! This is a huge and costly blow, which will significantly delay government or lottery funding for sports in Southampton, including for the major projects at the Outdoor Sports Centre  that will be identified in the Improvement Plan. The assessment is a very technical document and requires specialist expertise.

 It goes without saying that FoSSC and a wide variety of other groups are very disappointed and frustrated by this situation, but there is little that we can realistically do other than wait and get on with our other projects in the meantime.