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Local History and Memories Day

FoSSC held its first Local History and Memories day on 31st May 2014. A huge thank you to everyone who turned up, bringing either their verbal memories or pictures, photos and newspaper cutting about the Sports Centre and the surrounding area. We uncovered some truly fascinating and historic material to add to our existing archive relating to the site and its changes over time, which was on display at the event. It was great to meet and talk with so many people with such a passion for, and fond memories of the site.

Richard Strother ticket 3 small.png

Richard Strother brought in the first ever season ticket for the the City Golf Course, which was issued to Alderman Sir Sidney Kimber (click image for enlarged view).

Ron and Stuart Heather brought in a series of photos of their group of friends in and around the Sports Centre and photos and paintings (by Ron) of the prefabs on the battle roads and other local sites including the Lordswood House Hotel and Stables. The photo was taken by Ron and Stuart by climbing up the tall conifer tree shown in the painting (click images for enlarged view).

Ron Heather - prefabs on Sorrento Rd.png Ron Heather prefab.png

Gary from the Pleasure Park brought in some fabulous photos of the boating lake and boats - did you know that they were built by Supermarine using aluminium recycled from the war effort? (click image for enlarged view).

Gary boating lake 3a 1992.png

Local History and Memories

We will be organising another Local History and Memories Day in the future as any people told us that they knew of others who had additional material and memories that they were willing to share.

Here are some of the special memories which were brought in.

Thanks to everyone at “The View” for giving us their function room for the day.

Click here to see a  sideshow of contributions from the day

Your Memories

- a six week holiday in 1946 spent by the Paddling Pool with bread and jam sandwiches and a bottle of water

- the annual Cooperative Sports Day

- a film lorry / mobile cinema

- grand firework displays

- Prof. Woodley, a magician, who used to have his own stage in the sports centre

- an old army canteen hidden in the woods

- shelters on the hill up to Coxford Road

- water drinking fountains all around the site

- a "witches hat" roundabout

- two different types of boat on the boating lake - large wooden ones named after famous cruise liners and smaller aluminium ones built by Supermarine using aluminium recycled from aircraft which crashed during WW2

- prefab buildings (constructed from asbestos) in Dunkirk Arnheim, Taranto and Salerno Roads

- my hen do at the Pub in the Park in 1978

- a pond on the corner past the Pleasure Park, where the road curves up towards this golf course.

- a big international hockey tournament where the Pleasure Park lent approximately 20 scaffolding poles to act as flagpoles

- brass bands

- a Punch and Judy show

- a St John's ambulance station in a Nissen hut opposite the crazy golf

- playing pinball and table football at the Pub in the Park

- Block 2 being painted purple

- American troops preparing for D-Day and mustering along Rockleigh Road

- working as a waitress at the Pub in the Park

- kiosks by the boating lake and the paddling pool

- special breakfasts at the Pub in the Park for coach passengers from the ferry from France

- afternoon teas at the Pub in the Park

- the large flowerbeds

- taking boats out on the boating lake and when being called to come back in, going to the far end, abandoning them and running away.

- a parachute display where they landed at the athletics track