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Get Involved

The Friends of Southampton Sports Centre (FoSSC for short) is a community-based, resident action group formed of City residents who care about the Sports Centre; its past, present and future. This means that we need your help and participation in projects in and around the Sports Centre.

Fairway 2 Wildlife Area Project

FoSSc have been asked by MyTime Active, who run the City Golf Course to design and develop a wildlife area alongside fairway 2, which lies behind the Boating Lake and Pleasure Park.

 The site is some 80m by 15m and lies between the fairway and the boundary fence between the Golf Course and the Outdoor Sports Centre. Holly brook used to run in a pipe under this area and part of the Environment Agency’s recent flood alleviation scheme involved digging out part of the pipe and replacing it with a large, deep, steep-sided and clay-walled gully.

FoSSC’s logo: a stylised plan of the Sports Centre

Regular Work Parties

We have agreed with Council a list of activities where organised work parties arranged by FoSSC (and so covered by our third party and volunteer insurance) can contribute to the general upkeep and presentation of the Sports Centre. Activities will include:

Get involved

We aim to hold regular, organised work parties around the site to undertake these projects and we will be calling for volunteers to help. Work parties will be advertised here (see right) and on our facebook page. Contact us to volunteer. Thank you to those who have already signed up.

Other ways to support us!

(1) Become a Friend - numbers count - membership of FoSSC is currently free, just sign up using our Contact page and if you have a Facebook account, please also like and monitor our Facebook Page.

(2) Tell us your ideas - use our online Survey to tell us what you think - your opinion matters.

(3) Share your memories - send us your photos and memories of the Sports Centre  (Contact).

(4) Sponsor FoSSC activities - donate plants and materials for our projects on the Sports Centre and Golf Course.

poster for golf course.png

Because MyTime were concerned about the risk of machinery or golfers falling into the gully, they fenced it off, which then made it impossible for them to mow as fairway “rough”. They therefore approached us to help make the area visually attractive and wildlife-friendly as an attraction.

This scheme allows us to create a series of permanent and semi permanent ponds that have been specifically designed to accommodate amphibians. Although the future of the boating lake site has yet to be decided, these ponds will provide alternative habitat close by.

After months of planning and negotiation with the Council Ecologists and Planning Department, the scheme was approved and work is well underway.

Fairway 2 Project
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Watch our facebook page for dates and times of work parties.

Our regular monthly litter picks usually occur on the first Saturday of every month from 2:00 till 4:00 pm, meeting outside Block 1 - gloves, bags, hoops and litter pickers will be provided. Please dress for the weather and wear stout footwear.

Come along, meet new friends and  help protect, maintain and enhance your Sports Centre.