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News and Events

31 May 2014  - Local Histories and Memories Day

FoSSC held a Local Histories and Memories Day at "The View" Bar and Bistro on the Sports Centre where local residents shared their memories of the Sports Centre, both verbal and photographic.

To see the contributions click here.

10 August 2013

FoSSC supporters staged a “Big Picnic” at the Sports Centre to help Celebrate its 75th Birthday. This provided an ideal opportunity to ask visitors their views and ideas for the Sports Centre. Several local Councillors came to find out more and the local press reported on the event. RideRide cycle workshop provided a free bike maintenance service and were kept busy all afternoon.

Feb 2014 - first it was emptied of clay, then it filled with water, then it was emptied again and now it is filling with water again. It is all good news!

The Environment Agency’s contractor removed the clay, but the lake filled with rain water before they were able to clean it and repair the holes they had made in the lake bed. The resuspended clay filled and temporarily plugged the holes (good).

At the EA's request, Council drained the lake, ready for the scheduled reinstatement works. This washed out most, but not all, of the remaining clay (good).

EA's contractor was unable to start work before late Feb., after the possible start of the amphibian breeding season (not good).

After discussions between FoSSC, Council, Active Nation and the EA, Council decided to temporarily refill the lake, so that it can be used by the local amphibian population until the end of  the breeding season (really good).

In the meantime (late Feb. onwards), the EA's contractor will be making good / repairing damage to the path around the Boating Lake, the pitch behind it and adjacent areas. The City’s Ecology Team and FoSSC will be monitoring the Boating Lake and once the young amphibians have left, it will be drained to allow permanent repair of the holes in the lake bed.

Discussions on the long term future of the Boating Lake site are continuing as part of the ongoing Sports Centre Improvement Plan.

Feb 2014 - the dogs were certainly loving having the boating lake back to play in once more.